Eye Institute is a leading Ophthalmology clinic, who  has formed a Community Trust with the first intent to fund 400 free consultations and a subsidy of up to $250 towards glasses, for children who are at great risk of permanent visual impairment due to Lazy Eye. The government offers a subsidy to a small percentage of families who have to treat this condition, but for many the price of a consultation and glasses it too much of a financial burden. We are therefore looking to fund the costs for the families that are falling through the cracks.

If this condition is not picked up, or left untreated, children can grow-up to be completely blind in the affected eye. Having an immense impact on their confidence and learning.

Our official launch is happening on May 22nd at one of our Optom seminars, so we are hoping to send a blanket email to all primary school teachers. We would rely heavily on the teachers being able to pick-up children with this condition and referring them to an optometrist who can request the subsidy.

For more information, you can check out our Community Trust page: https://www.eyeinstitute.co.nz/About-us/Community-Trust