As you know, the govt has embarked upon a big work programme in the Education sector.I am contacting you in relation to the work of the Ministerial Advisory Group on Progress and Achievement. This has a broad-based sector reference group – I am part of the group (representing the Education Council). Our role is to bring an “on the ground” voice to the Ministerial Advisory Group. I am asking you to participate in a survey (link below) that enables you and your staff, students and parent community to have a voice in shaping the work. This survey deals with our key work, your professional expertise is important to a successful outcome i.e. developing shared ways of reporting on student assessment and reporting progress within the NZ curricula.

This survey has been designed for multiple responders, it will take you on a different pathway depending on how you identify yourself in the first set of questions i.e. what role you have within the system. Your students (if you are able to pass this on or to work directly with them) get a modified version more suited to their age and stage, as do parents and community members. You can respond as a teaching professional and/or as a parent or both by choosing the separate pathway for each.

This survey is the starting point for a much longer process. From time to time I’d like to be able to update you on the work, I am happy to come to your cluster or school to keep you informed and to take your view back in to the reference group. Please feel free to contact me directly if you would like to do this.

Kind regards

Frances Nelson
021 281 3602

link to survey