APPA Council

A big thank you to all your cluster representatives who voice your issues at APPA Council meetings and provide us with information to share and gain support across our Association.

It’s important that you touch base with your council representatives and share information. There are many things happening across our region and it is awesome to hear about them.

We have begun our review for the year and will be looking closely at the areas of concern, areas of strength and ways in which we can improve our services to our members.

APPA Breakfasts

The October breakfast. It sure helps having someone like the Minister attending to draw you all out. Please let us know if there are particular speakers you would like at our breakfasts for next year.

Minister Hipkins talked about building trust and collaboration. We have had and continue to have a voice in a number of areas of review across the education sector and some things are moving at a quicker pace than others. We will continue to be a voice at the table with our Ministers and the Ministry and be the squeaky wheel that reminds everyone that it’s for our future.

Curriculum, Progress and Achievement Consultation


There were more than 2000 individual and group responses to the Curriculum, Progress and Achievement online survey in June. This work is part of the Education Work Programme to build the world’s best education system and ensure our teaching and learning, assessment, aromatawai, and the way we understand and report on students’ progress across the curriculum are fit for purpose.

Throughout June members of the Curriculum, Progress and Achievement Reference Group held discussions within their existing networks to gather input from a wide range of education stakeholders, which was fed into the online survey.

The Reference Group had a specific role to provide an ‘on the ground perspective’ to guide and inform the Ministerial Advisory Group, which is responsible for providing advice to the Minister of Education on how schools and kura can be supported to focus on progress and achievement across the curriculum.

Survey responses were received from educators, learners, whānau, iwi and community members across New Zealand, and reflected a wide range of views and experiences.

The survey report summarised responses to the survey questions and illustrated those with verbatim comments from survey respondents, under the following headings:

  • Active school-led engagement
  • Community involvement in learning
  • Community influence in learning
  • Learner involvement in learning
  • School assessment of learner progress
  • Community understanding of learner progress
  • Learner perceptions of their own progress.

Within each of these sections, the report highlighted the voices of respondents who identified as Māori, Pacific or having learning support needs.

The final survey report will be available on the Ministry’s website, along with related reports to the Minister and Cabinet.

The consultation process around the Curriculum Progress and Achievement MAG’s current position.

Frances Nelson will share this information over the next three weeks. The MOE is the admin support around this work, Frances has been involved in the Reference Group feeding in and out of the MAG. There are a number of our colleagues from Auckland in the ref group from a number of organizations (Pasifika Principals, Maori Principals, Special Schools …..). NZPF and NZEI are the two organizations representing other teachers and principals in Auckland

Frances will present the information in a number of workshop events – in East Auckland (Ormiston Primary) One on the North Shore (Target Road School), one in Sth Auckland (At Hingaia School in Papakura), West Auckland at Pomaria Primary and for the Hibiscus Coast on 20 Nov 11-12.30 at Red Beach School.

The work is important as the MAG’s report  is going to be the starting point for teaching learning assessment and reporting in to the future. The voice of the profession is critical at this point. There is an on-line aspect for people to access and comment but having a good group in attendance at each will send a strong message about what will float and what won’t.

Venues and Dates

19/11/18Remuera Primary1.30pm –
20/11/18Target Road Primary3.30pm –
20/11/18Red Beach School11.00am –

The consultation ends on 30 November


The APPA Exec met with Sandra Orr last week.

In 2019 the Ministry will have 60 temporary rooms to accommodate roll growth. James Mair and Brian Hagan are the Ministry Advisors for this work.

It’s important that Principals and Boards keep close contact with their School Property Advisor if the school roll shows signs of growth that the school will have difficulty housing.

Your advisor has 45 schools in their portfolio so it is important you keep them informed of your school’s needs.

Accredited Recruitment Agencies

Oasis and Education Personnel has been joined by Ranstad as Ministry accredited recruitment agencies.

[/fusion_text]Find out more about Finder’s Fee website 

  1. The recruiter will invoice your school
  2. You complete a finder’s fee form
  3. The Ministry pay the recruiter directly for you

0800 800 204
0508 8322437
(09) 815 8152

Learning Support Coordinator

The  Government’s announcement to fund 600 Learning Support Coordinators in schools is positive but with little detail around this we are left concerned with what this will look like. APPA was there when Minister Martin made the announcement in the Auckland Ministry of Education Office. We know schools have detailed information about learner needs and can easily share this with the Ministry so “decisions about how the roles will be allocated to schools, the appropriate ratios for urban and rural schools, and detailed job descriptions can be done pretty quickly.

The Ministry  has been asked to provide further clarity as soon as possible on decisions that come out of the public consultation conducted last month. We agree that the roles should be delivered as staffing to resource existing and new SENCO positions and that Learning Support Co-ordinators need to be qualified and registered teachers employed by schools.

Staffing Initiatives

Schools can now apply for a $10,000 grant to employ a beginner teacher. There are 230 grants available, 150 for Primary schools and 80 for Secondary schools.

This new National Beginning Teachers Induction Grant (NBT) is one of the ways we are helping schools fill teacher vacancies for 2019.

For two weeks, schools can register interest in receiving a grant when they employ a new graduate or beginner teacher for 12 months or more.

Principals just need to let the Ministry know the details of their vacancy to be considered for one of 230 grants. Priority will be given to low decile and schools that are isolated or in locations experiencing teacher shortages; Māori-medium kura; and shortage subjects at secondary level, such as science, technology, engineering, mathematics and te reo Māori.

The grant can be used by primary or secondary schools to help train or mentor a beginner teacher, or for whatever support required.

Aiming to lift the number of new graduates employed from 80 percent to around 90 percent – and ensure these newly trained teachers can contribute their skills as part of our education workforce of the future.

Applications can be made now and the cut-off is Friday 16th November.   You will see the application is able to be accessed when you go into the website.   This is so the grants are able to be confirmed as early as possible so that schools can recruit and confirm appointments before the New Year.

End of Year Lunch

We look forward to seeing you all on Friday 16 November for the APPA end of year lunch. William Pike is our guest speaker. William, survivor of a volcanic eruption will share his story with us including the challenges he faced during and after this traumatic experience.

We will farewell our retiring Principals and Fellowship awards recognised.


Eden Park


Friday 16 November 2018

Collective Agreement

Please take the time to read carefully through the latest offer from the Government. It’s important your decision is an informed one. Voting will be within the next two weeks as to whether you accept or reject the offer.